SCLA Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Given the increased rhetoric of intolerance and isolationism in the United States, the executive board of the SCLA reaffirms our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and academic freedom. We unequivocally reject prejudice, intolerance, and hate of any kind, and call on our members to stand against any speech or act that targets our most vulnerable members of communities. Furthermore, we assert that this commitment extends to the values that we are professionally obligated to teach and model in our classrooms.

We understand that education is the very foundation of humanity, that science and the humanities together have provided us with the possibility of a quality of life never before known in the history of human kind and that the rejection of those endeavors puts our very humanity at risk. We stand with other scholarly and academic organizations to protect academic freedom and defend the humanities–on our campuses and in the larger public. Let us celebrate the rich diversity of this nation and the world, and share our love of literature and the arts confidently in the days ahead.

On behalf of the SCLA board,
Heather Richardson Hayton
President, SCLA